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An Introduction to your PixelShoebox Photo Gallery

The concept behind PixelShoebox is to immitate as closely as possible a real photo collection. With "analog" photos (You know, the ones on paper? Yeah, I know. Old school.) you organize your photos into large ring-bound albums and place them together in a collection of albums with similar albums next to one another. What we've designed is the same system, only digital and online!

The following Tutorial will lead you through the basic steps of creating your first Album and uploading your first photos. As a final step, you will learn how to edit, delete, and even re-organize your photos.

Note: As of this writing not all of the functionality has been implemented, but will be in place before the site is officially launched.

Step One – Creating your Album

You need somewhere to put those photos, right? So get an Album ready to put them in! Go to the Add Photos page. This page is organized into the three main areas: Add Photos, Create Album, and Create Collection. In the Create Album area, type in a name for your new Album that you want to upload photos to. Don't worry about specifying a Collection right now. We'll get to that later.

That's it! You just created your first Album! Now it's time to upload some photos to put in it.

Step Two – Uploading Photos

In the same section (Add Photos) you now use the first area, Upload Photos. First, you need to Browse your Hard Drive for your digital photos. Next to "File" is either a "Browse" or "Choose File" button. Clicking on it will open a new window where you can look through your computer for your digital photos. When you have located one you wish to upload, select it and press "OK" or "Choose" (again, depending on your operating system).

Now that you have told us the file you wish to use, you can give it a Name, Description, and select which Album you'd like to place the photo inside. Select the Album you just made from the dropdown menu.

Once you click the "Submit" button, your photo will automatically be updated with the Name and Description you wrote and placed in the Album you specified. Do this stage again to upload additional photos.

Step Three – Edit and Delete Photos

If you want to change the contents of your Shoebox, start by going to the My Shoebox page, which is how you view your photos. You will notice that as a logged in Member, you have additional options at the bottom of each page. When viewing an Album or Collection, the option "Edit this Album" or "Edit this Collection" will appear. When viewing an individual photo, the options "Edit this Photo" and "Delete this Photo" are available. From here you can make changes to your Albums and Photos or delete them altogether.

Step Four – Collections

Let's say you like the beach. I mean, you really like the beach. In fact, you go there every weekend, and you also love to take photos of the beach. After a while, you'd have DOZENS of Albums, all containing the same subject matter. Well, instead of cluttering your Shoebox with all those Albums, place them ALL into their own Collection!

To do this, first you have to create a Collection. In the same Add Photos page, the bottom area is for creating Collections. Give it a name that summarizes all of the Albums within and hit Submit. Now you have a Collection!

The next step is one of two options. If you already have Albums that you want to move INTO the new Collection, you simply use the Edit this Album link on the My Shoebox page. The Edit this Album page allows you to specify a Collection to place the Album in, and will automatically move over when changed. You can actually move Albums from one Collection to another this way, if you like.

The other way to use Collections is ahead of time. Create the Collection BEFORE creating the Album or uploading any Photos. This is a more straightforward way of making your Shoebox, but requires more planning. If you know you're going to be taking a lot of photos of your baby, why not create a Collection called "Baby" and place each set of Photos in a seperate Album inside?

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